Better World forges innovative partnership with Gilets Bleus

Mélanie Pierre
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We are delighted to announce an innovative partnership with the association Banlieue Sans Frontière en Action (BSFA) and their inspiring Blue Vests initiative. This exciting collaboration aims to improve the patient experience in hospitals and promote the integration of young people.

A Committed Mission

Founded in 2007 in a Priority Education Zone, BSFA has evolved to focus on supporting hospitalized patients. This partnership will enable them to extend their positive impact to a greater number of healthcare establishments.

The Blue Vests

The Gilets Bleus, young people aged between 16 and 25, carry out crucial missions in hospitals, from helping patients to get out of hospital temporarily (fresh air, coffee, a walk) to accompanying them from pre-operation to post-operation. Their presence is intended to fill the family void and contribute to patients' mental well-being.

A model for integration and support

BSFA offers young people from the suburbs a unique opportunity: civic service combined with training to prevent them from dropping out of school. In addition to hospital support, this initiative offers a pathway to employment by facilitating the hiring of young people by hospitals.

Partnership in Action

As a partner, we have integrated the Blue Vests service at our customers' sites, where they act as ambassadors in the field. Now, in addition to their main missions, they help patients and professionals to express themselves on the Better World listening platform, encouraging the collection of patient verbatim. Their dynamic presence, dedicated to listening, helps strengthen the connection between healthcare professionals, patients and facility management.

Positive impact on hospitals and the community

Since 2012, BSFA has engaged over 700 young people in this initiative, with real success. Their presence has had a significant impact on the hospitals, improving the patient journey and contributing to better healing via wellbeing and mental support. Once trained, the young people find employment opportunities in the medical field, offering a positive outlook for the future.

Outlook and Call to Action

This partnership paves the way for new opportunities to enhance quality of life in healthcare facilities. We encourage our customers to explore this initiative and consider extending it to the private sector.

To find out more about the BSFA association and the Gilets Bleus, visit their website.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this collaboration, and are determined to continue innovating for a more positive healthcare future.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on our joint initiatives with BSFA's Blue Vests!

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