Better World sets up shop at Future4care

Daniel Ritter
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Better World moves to Future4care (Paris 13 campus), to further develop its impact on thePatient and Caregiver Experience

In a strategic move, Better World, an innovative company focused on improving user and employee experience, has just moved into the premises of European e-healthcare gas pedal Future4care(future4care.com). This new step marks a promising collaboration that paves the way for significant advances in the Patient and Caregiver Experience. Better World will also benefit customers in its other priority sectors, notably the hotel and automotive industries.

Better World: Transforming the User and Professional Experience

Better World quickly made a name for itself with its ambitious mission: to revolutionize the experience of patients and caregivers, using cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Automated Language Processing. Since its creation, the company has been committed to collecting and synthesizing the expectations of patients and caregivers, by implementing innovative digital solutions.

Better World's solutions include modules for collecting patient and caregiver feedback, notably on-the-fly throughout the patient journey via QR codes, AI analysis modules and visualization modules for healthcare professionals. This comprehensive, patient- and caregiver-centric approach has earned Better World European recognition in the healthcare sector, notably from Future4Care.

Future4care: A cutting-edge e-health gas pedal

Future4care, a key player in the field of e-health, has created an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration and growth for promising companies in the sector. Thanks to its network of strategic partners (Orange, Cap Gemini, Generali and Sanofi), Future4care provides selected companies with access to essential resources, high-quality mentoring and an environment conducive to creativity.

Better World was selected as one of the most promising companies from a group of healthcare innovators and offered the opportunity to join Future4care's thriving ecosystem.

The Benefits of Strategic Collaboration

Better World's move to the Future4care premises (Paris 13th arrondissement) offers the company a host of strategic advantages and strengthens its position as the leading provider of patient and caregiver feedback analysis in France.

1. Access to Expertise and Network‍

By locating at Future4care, Better World benefits from invaluable access to the gas pedal's expertise and network. Healthcare professionals, researchers and industry innovators are on hand to offer advice, feedback and collaboration opportunities.

2. Collaboration Accrue

Better World has the opportunity to collaborate closely with other healthcare companies within the Future4care ecosystem. This synergy will foster cross-innovation and stimulate the creation of more powerful solutions for patients and caregivers.

3. Access to Financing and Investors‍

The Future4care gas pedal plays a crucial role in facilitating access to funding and investors. This opportunity will enable Better World to grow its business faster and accelerate the implementation of its solutions.

4. Validation and Continuous Improvement‍

By integrating a healthcare-focused environment, Better World can validate its new solutions in real time, based on feedback from healthcare professionals and patients. This ongoing validation contributes to the continuous improvement of our products and services.


With its move to Future4care, Better World reinforces its commitment to improving the daily lives of patients and supporting caregivers in their vital mission. This collaboration accelerates innovation in the healthcare sector and paves the way for new technological advances.

The healthcare sector is constantly evolving, and Better World is ready to meet future challenges by leveraging this strategic collaboration. Patients and caregivers in Europe and around the world will benefit from smarter, more efficient and more focused healthcare solutions.

In summary, Better World's move to Future4care's premises marks the start of an exciting new era for the company and for the healthcare sector as a whole. Innovation, collaboration and the transformation of the healthcare experience are at the heart of Better World.

Better World offers a feature-rich Experience Management platform (click here for more details), enabling organizations to satisfy and retain their customers, as well as engage their employees.

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