Patient experience and quality of life and working conditions: what synergies are possible?

Daniel Ritter
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The links between quality of life and working conditions for employees and the customer experience have been explored in the corporate and service worlds, through what has been called " symmetry of attentions ©" ("Du management au marketing des services", J.J Gressier - Académie du Service - 2011). Symmetry of attentions © is based on the "fundamental principle that the quality of the relationship between a company and its customers is symmetrical to the quality of that company's relationship with all its employees". The watchword here is "taking care" of our teams, so that they can pass on this attention to our customers.

What about in the world of care? It is generally accepted that there is a natural and obvious link between "professionals who are happy at work" and "patients who are well cared for, listened to and supported". A recent IFEP report looks at the themes and areas of convergence that contribute to a good patient experience and quality of life at work (QWL), through examples and tools that can be mobilized.

Better World participated in its drafting by providing an Artificial Intelligence statistical analysis of over 200,000 patient verbatims publicly available on the web (Analyse verbatims Patient Better World 2023, Enquête Prendre Soin des Professionnels de Santé FHF 2023), relating their Patient Experience in over 400 French healthcare facilities over the period 2020-2022.

Download the full report published by IFEP in October 2023.

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