What do patients think of French healthcare facilities?

Oriane Simon
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What do patients think of French healthcare establishments? 3 topics on which they have their say.

"Too long a wait for consultations", "Very respectful and attentive team" or "The food could be better seasoned" are expressions sometimes found in comments posted by patients following their visit to a healthcare facility.

Thanks toArtificial Intelligence (AI ) and theanalysis of patient feedback, Better World has identified the 3 themes on which patients express themselves the most: the facility's staff, the patient pathway and the quality of the place of hospitalization.

For almost four years, Better World has been helping healthcare establishments to better understand the expectations of their patients - and, today, their professionals - by analyzing their verbatims (textual opinions, comments, suggestions, etc.) from existing sources and collected by the dedicated continuous listening system we are developing. Today, several million verbatims have already been analyzed by our proprietary algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence.

Three main themes are at the heart of patient feedback: the facility's staff, the patient pathway, and finally, the physical location and associated services.

Plant personnel

This is undoubtedly the most frequently discussed topic. Nearly 60% of verbatims collected concern medical staff. During their stay in hospital, patients come into contact with many different teams, and even several departments. These exchanges with the nursing staff undeniably mark the patient's stay, and form part of the overall experience. On their return, many of them evaluate the medical staff in terms of their attentiveness, professionalism and ability to communicate with patients.

The Patient Journey

Generally speaking, between 25% and 30% of the verbatims collected deal with the patient journey, putting this subject in second place. In addition to the heavy and painful care they undergo, from the moment they enter to the moment they leave the hospital, patients sometimes experience a long journey punctuated by hours of waiting and administrative difficulties. Once back at home, they are quick to share their experiences and publish comments of varying degrees of praise for their journey. Even if many patients mention the long queues, they don't hesitate to mention the quality of the interventions or the post-hospitalization medical follow-up.

Le Lieu

Is the healthcare facility easily accessible by public transport? Are the rooms clean and functional? The place where patients are hospitalized is the third most frequently mentioned topic. Some of them mention the level of comfort and cleanliness of the room, the quality of the meals served in the facility, or the level of upkeep of the facility in general.

Gathering these verbatims left by patients enables hospital management to target its actions to improve patients' day-to-day experience at the hospital.

What action plans have you drawn up following the analysis of patient feedback?

Better World is the French leader in listening to verbatim Patientswith 600+ healthcare and medical-social establishments covered.

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