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Mélanie Pierre
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At Polyclinique Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine, innovation and commitment to patients are at the heart of their mission. Discover how the integration of the Better World platform has transformed the approach to patient experience management at Polyclinique Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine, enabling them to take new steps towards excellence.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Polyclinique Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine is a private MCO (Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics) healthcare establishment with a capacity of 600 beds and places. My name is Arnaud Teneze and I'm the Quality and Risk Management Director, in charge of the internal improvement dynamic, and team actions to involve every professional in a common drive.

How do you define the patient experience at your facility?

At Polyclinique Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine, the patient experience is at the heart of our mission. We use various tools to assess patient satisfaction, such as the e-Satis questionnaire, as well as in-house questionnaires dedicated to specific groups such as neonatal patients, those undergoing imaging examinations, or those in outpatient SSR. These evaluations enable us to gather valuable feedback and adapt our services accordingly.

How did you operate before setting up Better World?

Before adopting Better World, our process for managing patient reviews was very laborious. Patient responses were manually compiled on Excel spreadsheets from E-Satis results. The Quality team then had to rework this data to meet the needs of the various authorities and care teams. This time-consuming manual process also limited our ability to engage our teams and ensure effective follow-up. We knew we needed a solution to manage this mass of data more efficiently, and enable our teams to concentrate on steering action plans.

Why did you decide to work with Better World?

Our decision to work with Better World stemmed from a GBNA Group corporate project aimed at improving the patient experience across the Group. We were looking for a verbatim tool capable of collecting, processing and analyzing data more efficiently. Better World stood out for its ability to meet these needs, while offering advanced functionalities such as competitive benchmarking and an innovative feedback application.

What were the main features or functions that influenced your choice?

Better World stood out because the platform not only met our expectations in terms of collecting, analyzing and processing patient feedback, but also provided other complementary tools: a competitive benchmark and a feedback collection application.

What did you appreciate about the implementation and adoption of Better World solutions?

We have been completely satisfied since we started using Better World.

We communicated with managers and teams to help them grasp the new language elements, such as verbatims, sentiment, volume, etc., to ensure better adoption of Better World. Adoption was immediate, thanks to the tool's ergonomic design.

What we particularly appreciate is the quality of the Better World teams. Their availability and proactivity in their mission set them apart from other customer services. They anticipate our needs and support us with regular follow-up, giving the impression of a true partnership. Their commitment to developing the product in line with our feedback has really strengthened our collaboration.

What changes have you seen in your work to continuously improve thepatient experience since you started using the Better World solution?

Since adopting Better World, we have increased our efficiency and responsiveness. By automating the statistical processing and analysis of patient feedback, we have considerably reduced the time spent on these tasks.

Based on the data collected, we developed pedagogical communication tools to present the results to the teams and implement concrete action plans. These materials were essential for informing and engaging teams in the continuous improvement process.

This enables us to focus our efforts on developing and implementing concrete, targeted action plans to improve specific aspects such as catering, accessibility and wayfinding.

What results have you been able to achieve thanks to your collaboration with Better World?

Since integrating Better World, we've seen significant improvements in our patient experience management. Although we are still in the process of evaluating and optimizing the results, the initial feedback is very promising.

Preliminary results show improved patient satisfaction in these key areas, motivating us to continue and intensify our efforts. We are confident that our collaboration with Better World will continue to bear fruit, helping us to deliver superior service and strengthen our commitment to our patients.

Better World was also one of the tools that contributed to HAS certification, reinforcing the facility's ability to innovate and continually improve its services.

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