Meet the Better World team

We believe that AI and technology can be the right tools to help organizations connect to the needs of their customers and employees.

Daniel Ritter
CEO & co-founder @Better World

"Putting Customers and Employees at the center of all business decisions is an oft-cited goal, but rarely implemented due to the complexity of the task. I co-founded Better World with this single goal in mind."

Empathetic Listening

Empathy is an essential value to build a climate where customers and employees feel listened to: humility and open-mindedness are qualities we try to embody.

Moving Forward Together

Together we want to develop a better world with our clients and our teams. We promote the values of sharing, respect and benevolence.

From initiative to impact

We implement high-impact, innovative solutions and push for action. Autonomy, accountability and usefulness are the key words in terms of project management.

Efficiency and Excellence

We take pride in the quality of our solutions and value performance, organization and thoroughness. The quest for efficiency guides us in our efforts.


A success built over time, with our customers and partners

Launch of Better World

It was in 2018 that Daniel and Kevin officially launched the Better World project, to help organizations efficiently manage their process of collecting and processing user returns, starting with an initial contract in the Automotive sector. The 1st version of our analysis application is developed.

1st Client
Analysis App V1
Development of new industries

The 2nd version of our analysis application is deployed by all our customers, whether in the automotive sector (manufacturers, dealership networks...) or in new industries: healthcare, retail...

1st Health Customers
Analysis App V2
Horizon 2020 Award
Listening to professionals

A new opinion-gathering application is being deployed, initially in a context of continuous listening to hospital staff for our Healthcare customers, as part of a project supported by the BPI. The aim is to make the voices of the unheard count, in order to provide the best possible experience.

1st Customer
Écoute Professionnels
Listening App V1
Acceleration of sectoral growth

Our data collection and analysis applications are most widespread in Healthcare, an industry in which Better World is becoming the leader in France. Our presence in the Automotive, Retail and Hospitality sectors continues to grow, with use cases ranging from the analysis of individual point-of-sale reviews to networks of international establishments.

Health Leader
Admission to Future4Care
SilverEco Award Winners
Consolidation of our suite of tools

We have strengthened our analysis application by integrating features that enable deeper and more enjoyable exploration of the feedback collected. Multilingual management has been enhanced. Collection campaigns have benefited from many new features, including real-time tracking and intelligent distribution link management. Our team continues to grow with our business!

Listening App V2
Scaling up

This year promises to be full of challenges and opportunities, as our international deployment intensifies, and our activity in France continues to grow. Our opinion-gathering tools, both directed and undirected, are getting a facelift, with new functionalities designed to make opinion-gathering pleasant for respondents, and constructive for organizations. Our work to integrate generative AI into our approach, in a secure manner, continues!

1000th healthcare facility
Analysis App V3

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