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"Better Word is the missing transmission belt between the raw data of user feedback and data that is impactful and usable for the group.

Currently analysing more than 90,000 verbatims in 4 different languages, the solution allows us to enter into a level of finesse depending on the theme and to analyse the feedback of our residents. »

Benjamin Edmond

Director of Strategy & Development

"The in-depth analysis we were able to carry out with Better World allowed us to get to the heart of the pain points and moments of satisfaction at certain stages of our customer journey.

The platform provided a quick and easy way to analyze multiple customer verbatims, and confirm or uncover satisfaction factors around the breakfast experience in order to take necessary corrective actions.

The tool's interface makes it easy for teams to adopt the platform and integrate it into their listening routine."

Alison Kay-Broussy

VP Global Customer Experience

"In a highly competitive market, Valeo must always stay ahead of the curve. Continuously evaluating Valeo's product positioning and end-user expectations is essential to maintain our leadership.

Sharing customer reviews with our engineers improves our future products and services."

Geoffrey Bouquot

CTO & Senior Vice President Strategy