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Better World leverages cutting-edge technology to help you process your user feedback and turn it into actionable items.

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A process to bring up the real needs of your Users

Gather all the feedback from your Users

Sourced opinions from the Web

The connectors developed by Better World supply your analyses with data freshly extracted from the Web (review sites, forums, social networks, etc.).

Ingestion of your data

Better World allows you to integrate the data collected by your own means into our analytics application, via secure file transfer or API.

Better World campaigns

Better World provides you with various solutions for collecting new reviews. Respondents access campaigns via QR codes and dynamic links.

Turn textual opinions into actionable quantitative leads

Thematic classification

Better World ontologies, the basis of our Artificial Intelligence, classify verbatims according to their theme(s). They are refined by industry and use case, and enable multilingual processing of feedback.

Sentiment analysis

In addition to quantitative indicators such as NPS or CSAT, Better World extracts a Sentiment score from the verbatims, to pinpoint areas of improvement and strength in the Experience studied.

Segmentation of returns

Any audience segmentation information can be embedded to refine your analyses. What's more, feedback is subjected to noise filtering, and is anonymized to ensure the protection of the data collected.

Browse your data on our Dashboards

Prioritizing actions

Create analyses on the Better World platform, to determine priority topics within a given perimeter. Explore the different visualizations available, and take the actions that will have the greatest impact.

Alerts and reporting

Set up alerts to receive notifications on areas of focus and/or weak signals. Create and share actionable reports for your teams, and track the impact of your actions.

Competitive analysis

Compare your metrics with those of other businesses, both in-house and with your competitors. Understand your competitive strengths and opportunities, as perceived by your audience, and set targets accordingly.

Better world - get your progression plan

Let's build your Action Plan

Get personalized and actionable advice to build your action plans and track your target audience's satisfaction over time.


See what our customers have been able to accomplish with the help of Better World

Better World helps many organizations structure and leverage their customer and employee feedback.

Myriam Combes
Director of Strategy and Medical Relations

Understanding patients by listening to their feedback through their own words, their own stories, seemed essential to us.

In addition to the elements brought to light by their responses to the e-Satis questionnaires, Better World enables us to shed quantitative and qualitative light on elements that would not otherwise have been brought to our attention.

Alison Kay-Broussy
VP Global Customer Experience

The in-depth analyses we've been able to carry out with Better World have enabled us to get to the heart of the pain points and moments of satisfaction at certain stages of our customer journey.

The platform has provided a quick and easy way to analyze multiple customer verbatims, and confirm or uncover satisfaction drivers around the breakfast experience in order to take the necessary corrective action.

The tool's interface allows teams to easily adopt the platform and integrate it into their listening routine.

Sofia Papadopouloua
Head of Quality @Renault

"If you say no to the ones that can't afford you, you're making room for the ones that can and this helps me make the decision to be the ones that can."

Sofia Papadopouloua
Head of Quality @Renault

"If you say no to the ones that can't afford you, you're making room for the ones that can and this helps me make the decision to be the ones that can."


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