Better World doesn't stop operating in summer!

Timothy de Graeve
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Powerful processes in bright sunshine!

We are convinced that the power of our processes is one of the major assets that sets us apart in the market and enables us to achieve a high standard of quality. Our methods of data collection, sentiment analysis, theme detection, aggregation... aim to provide an optimal way of exploring user feedback, so that our users can obtain powerful insights with ease.

Automation at the heart of our processes

At Operations, automation is at the heart of our DNA! We have ingeniously designed automations to guarantee maximum efficiency with minimum human intervention. From the collection of opinions to their aggregation and enrichment, we implement a series of automatic processes that feed an analysis platform that is always as up-to-date as possible.

The Importance of Customer Data

We value our attentive approach and dedication to quality. As our customers' partners, their data is precious to us. If, inadvertently, errors slip through, our dedicated team is there to intervene.

So you'll always find someone to help you at Better World! When we detect incorrect data, we act quickly to inform our customers and support them in the correction process. We firmly believe that close collaboration with our customers is essential to ensure the highest possible accuracy in our analyses. We do everything in our power to deliver reliable, high-quality results.

The Goal of Automation: Efficiency, Excellence, for our Customers' Autonomy

Our investment in automation is motivated by several key factors. It makes our work more efficient and enables us to maintain a consistent level of excellence. Thanks to standardized processes and advanced algorithms, we reduce the risk of human error and ensure reliable results.

And what about the long term? Our long-term vision is to put all these automated tools in the hands of our customers for a powerful, intuitive, self-service experience. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to take control of their data and benefit from our in-depth analyses to continually improve their business.

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