How do you analyze customer feedback to meet consumer needs?

Oriane Simon
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"A satisfied customer tells 3 people, a dissatisfied customer tells 9 people" - this is what a recent American Express study reveals, corroborating the old adage: "Dissatisfied customers make a lot more noise than satisfied ones!

Many companies market goods or services with defects in use. In most cases, by the time this information is passed on, the company has lost many sales opportunities. That's why we need to analyze customer feedback. This is what we call customer centricity.

Customer feedback, or verbatim, highlights the positive or negative points encountered when using your products in real-life conditions.

Why analyze feedback?

Because, as stated above, the customer speaks! It's simple: the customer is happy, he's talking about it, your product is recognized, your reputation is good. Understanding how to improve your product will help build customer loyalty and therefore reduce your attrition rate.

Knowing your competitors: the Internet is also a remarkable tool for benchmarking your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and positioning yourself in the market. Public forums and reviews are full of this kind of information.

There's no shortage of sources of customer feedback on the Internet (forums, reviews, questionnaires, social networks, etc.), so it's easy to get lost. The question is...

How to effectively analyze feedback?

1. Harvest

First of all, you need to identify the review sources you want to focus on. Online forums, blogs, public reviews on search engines, your own internal questionnaire results - these are all relevant sources to use. You can also collect these opinions by asking your customers or employees to answer a questionnaire.‍

2. Classify

Now that you've built up a database of all these reviews, you need to classify them. To do this, you need to establish categories, in the form of a tree also known as an "ontology". This will enable you to organize your analysis into several themes.

Knowing your product well is the basis for establishing your categories. For example, if you sell shoes, one opinion may be about the quality of the laces, another about the strength of the counter.

An opinion or verbatim often expresses opinions on several themes. In this case, it's a matter of segmenting the opinion and dividing it into the appropriate categories.

3. Analyze feelings

Once your reviews are ranked, you need to analyze the level of customer satisfaction. To do this, you need to set up a satisfaction scale based on what is written. The lexical field, the position of words conveying emotion in the sentence, and the overall context all provide clues as to how the customer feels.

This involves converting a qualitative review into a quantitative one, in the form of a score. For example, if you sell a personal assistance service and the "cleanliness of the household" category contains many negative reviews, it will be quicker to identify the problem and easier to train your staff to improve.

4. Automate

When there are too many reviews to analyze, this process can be time-consuming and costly, especially if carried out manually. At Better World, we've developed a solution to automate these steps. Our QRcode (or link)-based review collection application makes it possible to create these customer experience feedbacks. Better World Artificial Intelligence, trained specifically for each sector, automatically collects, classifies and analyzes customer feedback. The results of these analyses are available on the platform, which formats the data into dashboards to enable you to get closer to consumers on a daily basis.

Feel free to browse all the features of our platform.

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