How do I handle Better World user feedback?

Younes Berradia
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Better World helps organizations connect to the needs of their customers and employees. To do this, we offer a wide range of features that enable feedback to be collected, analyzed and acted upon.

As Product Manager at Better World, my role for over 2 years has been to manage and prioritize the innovations we bring to our products. In this article, I'm going to give you an insight into the actions I'm taking to improve the User Experience, and hope you'll find practices that can be adapted to your needs in terms of Customer Experience,Patient Experience or Employee Experience...

Collecting and annotating returns

It's just as important for you to stay connected to your customers and employees as it is for us to maintain a high level of contact with the users of our products. To do this, we multiply interactions with our users (regular user interviews, surveys), which we centralize into a continuous feed of feedback. This feedback is annotated to extract subject matter and sentiment, just as the feedback you collect is classified by our Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Exploring the issues raised

This gives me an overview of feedback from all our channels, which I can filter by subject to get a sense of their representativeness. On the most frequently mentioned subjects, I can then read the details of the feedback collected, to understand the associated context and try to extract a need that can be generalized to all our users (what we call a "user story"). The aim is to empathize as much as possible with our users, to immerse ourselves in their problems and their working context, and to imagine ways of improving their experience. This approach is similar to the one you might take on our CX Analytics app, by studying word clouds by concept and reading some sample verbatims in our search engine.

Prioritization and definition of action plans

Once this study has been carried out, we are able to prioritize the topics and specify the functionalities to be developed to meet our users' needs. The specifications are passed on to our developers, who turn them into testable functionalities for our entire team. This is where "user stories" come into their own: they enable our team to empathize with our users and make sure that the rendering meets their needs. Once the functionality has been tested, we deploy it to all our users.

Experience impact monitoring

It's essential to monitor the impact of new features on our users' Experience. Our process of continuously listening to our users provides us with qualitative feedback from our users, which we aggregate as described above. In addition, with the help of "Product Analytics" tools, we are able to track the use of our functionalities and trace our users' journeys on our applications. This enables us to complete the flow of user feedback and provide more context for finding solutions to our users' needs. These observations enable us to assess the success of our deployments, and track performance at the level of each industry and client organization. You'll find these satisfaction performance tracking capabilities on our CX Analytics app, and we're currently working on a feature that lets you define and track actions based on the feedback collected.

A continuous cycle to improve the proposed Experience

In these few lines, I've outlined the product development cycle, which is based entirely on feedback from our users. Gathering quantitative feedback helps us to determine the areas of our business that need work, and qualitative feedback helps us to understand how to direct and prioritize this work. This feedback forms the basis for the specification of new functions, and enables us to monitor their adoption.

Better World offers a feature-rich Experience Management platform (click here for more details), enabling organizations to satisfy and retain their customers, as well as engage their employees.

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