Hôpital Privé des Côtes d'Armor: HAS Certification and Continuous Improvement with Better World

Mélanie Pierre
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In 2023, Hôpital Privé des Côtes d'Armor successfully achieved Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) certification, highlighting its commitment to excellence in quality and safety of care. Better World was honored to collaborate with this facility, providing an innovative platform that has transformed the way the hospital collects and analyzes patient feedback, driving substantial improvements in patient experience and satisfaction.

Background & Issues

Faced with a patient satisfaction rate of 72% by 2022, Hôpital Privé des Côtes d'Armor identified the need to optimize its approach to patient experience management. This led to a strategic overhaul of its methods for listening and responding to user feedback. The introduction of the Better World platform was part of this global initiative to capture patient needs and expectations more effectively, with a view to implementing targeted solutions to address them. The hospital's proactive approach not only focused on immediate improvements in the quality of care, but also aimed to establish a sustainable culture of excellence within the facility. And this commitment is also part of their HAS certification process.

HAS & IFAQ certification

HAS certification is essential for healthcare establishments in France, as it attests to the quality of care and patient safety. Hôpital Privé des Côtes d'Armor saw this certification as an opportunity to strengthen its reputation and publicly demonstrate its commitment to high standards. At the same time, certification opens the door to funding programs such as the IFAQ, which rewards establishments according to their performance in terms of quality and efficiency of care. This funding is crucial, as it provides financial support for initiatives aimed at improving patient experience and health outcomes.

Better World deployment & Methodology

Deploying the Better World platform at Hôpital Privé des Côtes d'Armor was a major operation. The methodology adopted included several key stages: configuration of the platform to collect feedback via satisfaction questionnaires and other patient data sources, integration with the hospital's existing IT systems, and training of teams in the use of advanced analytical tools. Better World enabled an in-depth analysis of the feedback gathered, identifying the key issues to be addressed to improve the patient experience.

Better World detailed features

  • Multisource data collection The platform integrates data from multiple sources, including social networks, review sites, e-Satis, and internal questionnaires, providing a comprehensive view of user perceptions.
  • AI analysis : Better World's artificial intelligence analyzes data, identifies trends and classifies returns according to their urgency and nature, facilitating decision-making.‍
  • Data visualization Intuitive dashboards display key feedback for rapid, informed reaction.

Better World Actions & 2023 Results

Thanks to Better World's data analysis, the hospital's teams have been able to transform the feedback into a real improvement plan, and have implemented specific actions, notably to improve pain management, especially for pediatric and oncology patients. Training workshops were also organized to raise staff awareness of the specific needs expressed in the feedback. These initiatives have boosted the patient satisfaction rate to 86% in 2023, testifying to the effectiveness of the measures adopted to improve thepatient experience.

Impact & Generalization to all Hospi Grand Ouest Group facilities‍

The use of Better World has made a significant contribution to the culture of continuous improvement at Hôpital Privé des Côtes d'Armor. The platform not only helped the hospital achieve HAS certification, but also facilitated access to IFAQ funding, reinforcing the hospital's ability to innovate and continually improve its services. The recognition obtained through certification and the improvement in patient satisfaction position the hospital as a leader in the healthcare sector.


The results obtained by Hôpital Privé des Côtes d'Armor and its use of Better World have convinced the Hospi Grand Ouest group to extend Better World's use to the group's other establishments. The implementation of the platform throughout the group aims to standardize quality and patient satisfaction standards across all affiliated clinics and hospitals, and to study a synergy of continuous improvement on a large scale.

The collaboration between Hôpital Privé des Côtes d'Armor and Better World illustrates how the integration of advanced technological solutions can significantly improve quality management in healthcare establishments. By leveraging a better listening device and our decision support platform, the hospital not only achieved the high standards required for HAS certification, but also set new benchmarks in patient satisfaction and care, paving the way for future advances in the sector.

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