The ideal Customer Experience Management platform

Younes Berradia
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Delivering exceptional customer experiences has become a critical success factor for organizations. Customer Experience (CX) managers are responsible for ensuring that all teams interacting with a customer during the customer journey are focused on the success of that interaction. Customer experience management platforms play an essential role in aligning organizations with "customer-centricity", with features such as feedback collection, prioritization and communication of action plans, customer journey mapping...

In this article, we'll explore the key features and benefits of the ideal customer experience management platform.

Customers are constantly sharing their feedback, so all organizations have to do is collect it.

Who better than customers themselves to suggest ways of improving their Experience? When given the opportunity, most customers will sincerely share their impressions of their experience, giving organizations an insider's view of their strengths and areas for improvement. How and where can organizations obtain this information? There are two types of customer feedback, both more or less straightforward to collect:

Solicited" returns

Surveys, panels... offer organizations the opportunity to ask their customers specific questions, at different points in their customer journey, with different question types (NPS, CSAT,...). A good Customer Experience Management platform offers organizations the ability to create, customize and distribute surveys (or equivalent feedback collection initiatives), but also tointegrate customer feedback data collected from pre-existing surveys.

Organic" returns

Review sites, social networks, forums... are all channels where customers freely share their comments, often in large volumes and with qualitative information that complements the feedback solicited. Customer Experience managers rely on a platform's ability to interface with these sources to provide a constant flow of customer feedback. As a result, organizations obtain real-time information on brand perception, and can respond quickly to any issues that arise.

Reading returns is tedious - let AI help you!

Gathering feedback is an excellent first step in adopting a customer-centric approach, but extracting representative and impactful analysis is essential and often more difficult. This is where artificial intelligence comes in: thanks to thematic modeling and sentiment analysis, Customer Experience Management platforms are able to extract quantitative data from unstructured qualitative textual data, in less time and with greater accuracy. Combined with feedback tracking and analysis dashboards, organizations gain a clear view of customer satisfaction on topics throughout the customer journey, and can prioritize these topics according to their impact on overall satisfaction.

From analysis to action

Action planning and tracking are essential components of Customer Experience management platforms. They enable companies to effectively manage and resolve issues by providing tools to address customer concerns, offer loyalty programs and track progress against customer satisfaction objectives. In addition, these platforms enable companies to promote a Customer Experience-centric culture within their teams through training programs, the definition of common Customer Experience improvement objectives and knowledge-sharing initiatives. This ensures that employees throughout the organization are aligned and committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

An essential tool for adopting customer-centric practices

Customer experience management platforms are indispensable tools for Customer Experience managers, providing them with the means to optimize customer relationships and tailor experiences to specific needs. By harnessing the power of AI and data visualization, these platforms enable organizations to quickly detect, understand and resolve customer issues. They enable companies to take proactive measures, foster a customer-centric culture and deliver exceptional experiences across different touchpoints. This same approach can also be applied to other use cases, such as Employee Experience Management and Product Experience Management, amplifying the value of such platforms as versatile tools for overall organizational improvement.

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