ANAP recognizes Better World in the healthcare sector

Daniel Ritter
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The Agence Nationale de la Performance Sanitaire et Médico-sociale recognizes Better World in the healthcare sector.

Better Word's core business is the analysis of patient feedback using an Artificial Intelligence-based approach, to measure the satisfaction of patients, residents, caregivers and teams in health and medico-social facilities.

"Better Word is the missing link between raw user feedback data and impactful, usable data for the Group. Currently analyzing over 90,000 verbatims in 4 different languages, the solution enables us to go into great detail, depending on the theme, and to analyze our residents' feedback."
Benjamin Edmond, Director of Strategy and Development at COLISÉE.

Download the ANAP fact sheet.

Better World is France's leadinglistening to verbatim with 600+ healthcare and medical-social establishments covered.

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