Orianne Nicotra's testimonial on improving patient experience with Better World

Mélanie Pierre
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Orianne NICOTRA, Quality and Risk Management Manager, uses our solutions to improve thepatient experience at Hôpital-Clinique Claude Bernard in Metz and Clinique Notre Dame in Thionville (ELSAN Group):

"The Better World platform is a real solution for analyzing comments, and has enabled us to perfect our work in this area.

The in-depth analyses carried out in record time were presented to our care teams, so that they could become more involved in our patient experience approach.

The visuals offered (word clouds, etc.) are also much appreciated by our professionals and communication facilitators.

The platform is easy to use and read, and the Better World team is very responsive to our requests.

Finally, this collaboration has enabled us to highlight areas for improvement and to have a relevant tool for targeted listening.

Actions have therefore been set up in our facilities to meet our patients' expectations".

Before setting up our analysis platform, Orianne emphasizes:

- that it was unable to regularly process the verbatims collected (time-consuming)
- that it was difficult to analyze and implement action plans
- that teams did not benefit from concrete feedback

The benefits observed rapidly after its implementation were as follows:

- Monthly monitoring of results with presentation to care teams (dashboard)
- Very positive feedback from care workers: involvement in the approach, sources of proposals concerning actions for their department
- Visuals proposed appreciated
- Effective implementation of continuous improvement actions: discharge instructions document (cardiology, digestive surgery, pneumology), signage (updated, added), improved distribution of snacks in ambulatory care, reinforced distribution of welcome booklets.

The Better World team would like to thank Orianne for this enlightening testimonial on improving the patient experience within the ELSAN Group.

Better World is the French leader in listening to patient verbatimwith 700+ healthcare and medical-social establishments covered.

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