Fifth episode in the "Patient Experience" series at Hôpital Foch

Daniel Ritter
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In this fifth episode of our patient experience series, we meet Valérie Moulins, Director of Communications and Patient Experience at Hôpital Foch. She is joined by Aléna Sorret, Patient Experience Manager, and Daniel Ritter, President and co-founder of Better World.

Together they discuss the importance of collecting and analyzing patient feedback within a hospital.

  • How did you go about collecting information and verbatims?
  • What is the Better World platform and who is it aimed at?
  • How do you analyze verbatims from patients and caregivers?
  • What are the different data sources?
  • What do the patient feedback from Foch Hospital reveal?
  • What do you do with all this information?

With institutional support from Janssen.

Find the podcast in its entirety on the Foch Hospital website.

Better World is the French leader in listening to verbatim Patientswith 600+ healthcare and medical-social establishments covered.

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