Observatory of patient expression and feelings 2023

Daniel Ritter
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The Observatoire de l'expression et du ressenti des patients (Patient Expression and Feelings Observatory) aims to provide a snapshot of what patients spontaneously say about their relationship with illness and the organization of the French healthcare system.

The brainchild of Yakadir, Kap Code and Better World, this synthesis of their expressions at different places and times in their health history is produced using Artificial Intelligence tools specialized in natural language analysis (NLP/TAL).

More than 700,000 verbatims expressed since January 2022 by over 200,000 patients have been collected and analyzed to produce the results of this first observatory.

By combining Better World's expertise in hospital patient experience analysis, Kap Code's expertise in analyzing discussions on social networks and Yakadir's ability to get patients to react on a wide range of healthcare topics, this observatory is able to understand all aspects of the patient journey.

Extensive press coverage accompanied the availability of the Patient Expression and Feelings Observatory. Among others:

. Buzz-esanté: "At Santexpo, Yakadir, Better World and Kap Code unveiled the first edition of the Patient Expression and Feelings Observatory. Discover the results."

. Hospimedia: "Three companies aim to enlighten the healthcare ecosystem as comprehensively as possible through automatic language processing on the patient's experience and feelings."

. MindHealth: "Start-ups Kap Code, Better World and Yakadir launch the first joint observatory of patient sentiment."

Download the report.

Better World is the French leader in listening to patient verbatimwith 600+ healthcare and medical-social establishments covered.

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