Réussir Ensemble: The Art of Customer Success at Better World

Mélanie Pierre
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Large-scale coherence

We know that it's your customers and employees who set the course for your success, and we sincerely believe that your success is our success, reflected in every aspect of our approach.

In fact, we use Artificial Intelligence to collect and analyze your customers' opinions, patients' opinions and employees' opinions... giving you easy access to data crucial to your decision-making.

We're offering you a tool that we use because we, too, live and breathe customer centricity, and what's important to you is just as important to us. Your decisions shape our product, your needs guide our actions.

Tailor-made support

From the moment you choose Better World, you enter an exceptional, guided and personalized experience. The Customer Success Manager is your dedicated contact and accompanies you every step of the way, helping you to achieve your quality and user satisfaction objectives.

Our aim is to create a positive, mutually successful experience. Our aim is not just your satisfaction, but concrete, positive results for your organization.

At Better World, we're proud to support customers in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, automotive, hospitality and the public sector. Our approach is not standardized; it adapts to your specific needs and industry. The Customer Success Manager is the guarantor of your platform's personalization and ease of use.

Customer Success Management at Better World

As soon as you express an interest in our platform, we'll put you in touch with one of our sales representatives. The aim is to understand your needs, and to obtain all the information required to customize your tool (ontologies, analysis application, collection application, QR code creation). Once this is done, our technical team gets to work creating accesses, configuring your platform and ingesting your first data. At the same time, you meet your future dedicated contact, the Customer Success Manager, for the first time.

This contact person will accompany you throughout the duration of your contract. He or she will train you in the use of the platform, and will check in with you regularly to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You'll be able to count on him or her to express your needs, ask questions or add new features. As soon as you've been trained, you'll be able to create your own analyses and draw the first trends from the opinions of your patients/clients/agents. You'll then be able to make decisions in this direction, and directly see the impact in the months that follow the addition of new data.


At Better World, we're your partner in your quest for success. Our Customer Success Managers are the guardians of your objectives, the guides to your progress. We're here to give you the power to put people back at the heart of your decisions. When you succeed, we succeed. That's the magic of Better World. You're never alone on your journey to success.

Better World is the French leader in listening to patient feedbackwith 600+ healthcare and medical-social establishments covered.

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