Testimonial Aléna Sorret Patient Experience Hôpital Foch

Mélanie Pierre
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"Thanks to Better World, we can browse through all the verbatims we collect and use them in our workgroups".

Hello Aléna, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I'm in charge of Patient Experience at Hôpital Foch. My day-to-day work is divided between talking to patients in the Living Lab and in their rooms, and managing projects aimed at improving the hospital experience.

Why did you decide to work with Better World?

While verbatims are a rich source of information, it is sometimes difficult to take a step back and analyze them as a whole. The development of patient interviews as part of our Patient Experience approach has enabled us to gather a wealth of verbatims. We felt the need to be able to analyze them and then mobilize this knowledge.

We had the same problem with the e-Satis verbatims: analyzing the exported responses was very time-consuming and difficult. That's why we called on Better World to help us.

What was the main feature that influenced your choice?

The maturity of the Better World platform compared to its competitors was decisive in our choice.

What results have you been able to achieve thanks to your collaboration with Better World?

The first significant contribution is the ability to browse and analyze all the verbatims collected by our teams: Patient Experience interviews, discharge questionnaires published by Quality, e-Satis verbatims, Google data, etc.

Bringing all our sources together in a single point of contact simplifies feedback to departments and the use of data in working groups. Finally, we have been able to develop a QR code collection system with Better World, enabling us to collect and maximize the feedback from our patients.

What did you appreciate about the implementation and adoption of Better World solutions?

What's particularly appreciated about the Better World team, beyond their availability and professionalism, is their attentiveness to our feedback as users of the platform and their willingness to develop it together.

What are the next steps in optimizing your experience management?

We continue to support our field teams in managing change, so that the platform continues to become part of their practices.

For patients, too, we are developing new QR codes to collect their testimonials in a more targeted way. We've also just added complaints, so that we can analyze them in greater detail and provide more targeted solutions.

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